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Welcome to Pitchers Power Drive Review

Welcome to Pitchers Power Drive Review  – A Blog site for 100% impartial reviews from users or owners of the Pitchers Power Drives.  Note…from users not necessarily just owners.  Reviews are from coaches, trainers or pitchers that have actually used a Pitchers Power Drive.  This is a very big universe:
  • Thousands of owners
  • 17 MLB teams
  • 275+ colleges
  • 1,000+ High School, Club Teams and Academy’s
  • Most of these team users have multiple units 2-8 PPD’s
  • 100’s of camps and clinics
  • All of this training over 3 years = 20,000+ users
These are called “Real World” Pitchers Power Drive Reviews.  Directly from users and owners of the Pitchers Power Drive that are training to reach their highest personal performance level.   All reviews will be from this large universe.  No product reviews on this site will be from the maker of the PPD.  Also no product reviews will be from a business that have never seen, used or touched a PPD who may do negative reviews with purpose of selling their own goods.  These would not be impartial reviews or based on training use.   The following are “Real World” reviews from owners and users of the Pitchers Power Drive: