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Thanks for Advance Computer Analysis

Hi Brad,

Wanted to say thanks for the Advance Computer Analysis & pitching lesson for Michael Thursday night. He had a great time.

Would love to continue on a regular basis.


Winning Pitchers Academy Knowledge and Positive Atmosphere


Please tell Tommy, Brad and Jamie that we really appreciate all they did and the outstanding training the boys received. I was so impressed not just with their knowledge but also the positive atmosphere they create for the boys.

In their first starts on opening weekend Noah and Nathan both pitched. Noah went 5 1/3 innings with no hits, one walk and 16 strike outs in 62 pitches. Nathan went 4 innings with approximately 9 strike outs and gave up only one run and was the winning pitcher. Thanks for all the great teaching!

Sincerely, Mark

Pitchers Power Drive Training

Thanks so much for the great tips, John.

The training lessons from your video are much better than lessons from my son’s private pitching coach, and I am now heavily letting my son tune his pitching mechanics purely based on your Pitchers Power Drive training lessons.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Winning Pitchers Academy is Best Training Experience

My 16 year old son has worked with professional pitching coaches since he was 12 years old. Winning Pitchers Academy (WPA) is by far the best experience we have had.  His current coach suggested we try the Pitchers Power Drive (PPD).  Upon investigating the PPD, I learned it was associated with WPA.  I called and spoke to Brad at WPA and I knew I had found something special.  We traveled from Pennsylvania to Boston and spent two days at WPA.  My son immediately got it and the improvement was evident in his pitching.  The combination of the most sophisticated technology available to analyze mechanics and a simple and effective method to communicate what and how to change mechanics were the winning combination. My son’s coach is fully onboard and he is heading to Boston to spend several hours reviewing their process and technology.  I look forward to continuing a long relationship with WPA.


I Use the Pitchers Power Drive Every Day

Hi John,

I just wanted to say thank you for your product. I am a D3 pitcher. Being in D3, we get less pitching instruction. I use the power drive before and after practice every day. Nothing teaches the proper lower mechanics like your product does.

Good luck with your future products, and thanks again.

P.s. Just made my coach order the Pitchers Power Stride. Can’t wait.

Incredible Success with Pitchers Power Drive

Greetings Brad,

Just wanted to pass on a quick note that I have incorporated the Pitchers Power Drive into my club Baseball (largest competitive baseball organization in Oklahoma) specifically my 13U team which is nationally ranked in the top 15 in travel ball for over a year now and I have seen incredible success/feedback in my boys on helping them understand the correct feel/movement for the lower half.

As a collegiate and professional pitcher back in the 90’s I wish a tool like the Pitchers Power Drive was available to me because I am certain it would have had nothing but a positive impact on my career and learning curve.

Thanks again for such a great teaching tool.


Looking Forward to Pitchers Power Drive in Australia


Nice talking to you last weekend . I am really looking forward to working with the PPD Professional, PPD Youth and HPD .  Thank you for your prompt service it’s great to deal with a professionally run business .

Look forward to meeting you in the near future when I book my sons in for some of coaching clinics .

Kind Regards,

Theo, Australia Customer



Winning Pitchers Instruction

Brad, John and Jamie,

This past weekend we had our 18 inning fall scrimmage vs Anna Maria.  I pitched 2 innings with 3 K’s, 2 groundouts and a flyout. No runners got on base and my arm felt great. I sat at 82mph and topped out at 84mph. I want to thank you guys for these past few years of instruction and guidance and for helping me reach the college baseball level.

Attached are several pictures from my appearance on Saturday. Can’t wait until I can come in again soon.

Thanks, Aidan



We Both Learned a Ton

Hey Brad.  Just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for working with Jackson.  He had a great time and we both learned a ton.  The whole trip was amazing.  Fenway is a magical place and we enjoyed meeting John.

Hopefully we will be back up to see you in late December during Christmas break or sometime shortly thereafter.

All the best,

Awesome Tool

Awesome tool for my boy to practice fundamentals. built very sturdy and comes exactly as described. Would defiantly recommend purchasing from this seller again