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I just wanted to say thank you for working with Louis this weekend.  He had a great time and learned  a lot.  Everyone on your team was great and helped provide a comfortable learning experience.  You all have a wealth of knowledge and a demeanor that facilitates learning, especially on younger student such as Louis.  I am thinking of coming up again on Saturday December 28th.  Let me know and we will firm up a date.

Thanks again. Mike

Pitching Instruction Exactly What We’ve Been Looking For


Thank you very much for the training Kenny received this past weekend.  The instructions you and Jaime provided was exactly what we have been looking for.  We would like to schedule another training session the afternoon of December 21 or morning of Dec. 22.  We are looking to drive up from Virginia Saturday morning, if possible schedule something from 2-4 pm on Saturday.  Please let me know your availability.

Thank you,

Discovered “Missing Part” of Pitch Sequence


Thank you again for working with Robby back at the beginning of August. He had a great experience and, in his own words, discovered the “missing part” of his pitch sequence.

Robby asked that we order a PowerDrive so he can begin working out.

Thanks, Rob / North Carolina

Pitchers Power Drive and Hitters Power Drive Arrive Australia

Hello Brad,

The Hitters Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drive arrived this afternoon and have been opened already. So much for Christmas! We will set them up tomorrow, they are so well made my husband was very impressed.

Tomorrow we will log on with the passwords and soak up everything, I will try to organize his pitching to be filmed and send it to you.

Thanks Brad, Matthew has them on the lounge next to him while he studies for tomorrows exams, he is over the Moon.

Australia Customer

Regards, Melinda

Pleased with Winning Pitchers Academy Instruction


We just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how Tyler  is doing. We are truly amazed with his growth and development in the three weeks since he’s been with you. He was selected as an Oakley All American and is playing at the Oakley all American battle of the borders tournament in Fort Worth. His debut came in the fifth inning averaging 90-93 and topping off at 95! We couldn’t be more pleased with the instruction you gave him and look forward to working with you again. Thanks and again we look forward to a future visit.


From Oklahoma

Loved the Winning Pitchers Academy

Brad, I just wanted to say thanks again for taking Jon today. Loved the facility and was very impressed with the operation.  Jon was really excited after we left and for the first time in a while felt a boost in his confidence. Both you and Jamie were great with him and the analysis and instruction were first class.  Once Jon’s Legion schedule dies down, we’ll be back for a check up and maintenance!

Thanks again.  Karl

Learned a Ton

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to say thanks for last nights Advance Computer Analysis on pitching. The kids and I learned a ton and look forward to working on the drills and coming back for a follow up session.


Daniel Bard Boston Red Sox – Biomechanical Video Analysis

Biomechanical Video Analysis – Pitching Mechanics of Daniel Bard Boston Red Sox

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Drew Storen Washington Nationals Closer

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