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Pitchers Power Drive is Amazing

Hello Brad, My name is Ross and back in Nov 14 my wife Emma and I purchased the Pitchers Power drive for our daughter Olivia…well…..all we can say is amazing! She’s now 10 and we practiced using the training videos a few times over a 3 week period and continue to train with PPD…The result…..Strikeouts galore! Although she is still working on her technique the foundations on the lower part of her action are surely in place….Attached is a short video of her pitching style for your scruitiny:) Take care and many thanks…she now has a BIG future in the game.’

Emma, Ross and Olivia (Baseball Pitcher) from Australia

90-91 mph and Uses Pitchers Power Drive Regularly

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to update you. Josh accepted a scholarship to attend and play baseball for the Air Force Academy. He accepted in January. He’s now a HS senior. He’s now 90-91 mph and uses the PowerDrive regularly to keep “in tune”.

Thank you again for your great product and support.


Power Drive Performance Sled

Brad ,

Thanks so much for everything . Isaac is very excited, really appreciates your time and efforts making this training possible.

Rodney, MN

Training with Pitchers Power Stride and Mat


We can’t wait to start training with the Pitching Mat and Pitchers Power Stride.  I’ve got some very excited players at academy already with Pitchers Power Drive. Thanks again,talk to you soon. 

Tim from WI

Pitchers Power Drive Works Great


Pitchers Power Drive works great with our youth pitchers.  Nice to show them the drills and then have them practice.  Impressed with results and players like PPD.

Don from Ohio

Winning Pitchers Baseball Academy Training


I cannot say enough about how lucky we are to have found you all. The way you all treat Sam and how it makes me feel is something that I cannot describe but you probably have felt when someone did something special for your son John. You all show your GENUINE care for him in so many ways.

8:30 on a night where everyone had worked plenty and yet if someone walked in to Winning Pitchers Academy last night they would think that it was the first lesson of the day – energy, care, encouragement and time all being spent to help Sam – simply awesome Brad. His swing looks better than ever, his confidence is high – also awesome.

Jamie’s willingness to throw after working all day, Brandon cheering hooting and hollering and both instructing, both bringing energy that was palpable. It was amazing.

Then, we are leaving and the cherry on top: Debbie makes a point to walk out with us concerned about Sam staying there late tonight training with the showcase early Saturday and saying to him 3 times “good luck Sam”…then capping it with “we know you’ll do great”. Honestly, I had to take a moment to drive because I had teared up talking to Sam about how lucky we BOTH are to be a part of your “WP Team”.

We are blessed to be part of something so special.  Thank you 1000 times over Brad and I’ll talk to you soon.


Great Start with Pitchers Power Drive

Brad and John

Matt and I wanted to thank you for opening up Winning Pitchers Academy for us this past weekend.   Matt felt the power released and is excited to take it to the next level. There is a lot of work ahead but thanks to your guidance and direction he is off to a great start with training and Pitchers Power Drive. 

Again… I really appreciate your time and accommodations. 

Thank you again, Mike and Matt


Hitters Power Drive Continues to be a Great Training Tool


I ordered the Hitters Power Drive last year and it’s been and continues to be a great training tool.  It really helped my twins understand the mechanics of initiating back side movement and weight transfer for their swing.  I know the Pitchers Power Drive will help with their lower body mechanics and hip lead.  Can’t wait to get them on it. Great work you guys do.

Don from Hawaii

Pitchers Power Drive helps with 7 Big League Appearances


This is A.J. we spoke last year a couple times about the Pitchers Power Drive as I used in college at MSU and you guys sent me one to use last offseason. I just wanted to let you guys know how much the Pitchers Power Drive helped me this past season. I had the best season of my career, which eventually lead to 7 Big League appearances in September. I can honestly say your guys product had a major impact on my performance and I look forward to getting back to work on it this winter. Thanks again for all your guys help! God Bless!



Pitchers Power Drive Adds 4 MPH to Fastball

Hi Brad,

We ordered the Softball Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drive for our daughter and son. They’ve been great. My son added 4 MPH to his fastball in his last tournament of the year, touching 80MPH. I can’t imagine how he will match up with hitters this spring as an 8th grader. His delivery utilized a lot more lower half and his consistency was much better. He didn’t go beyond 2-2 in any count in has last tournament and allowed no earned runs. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me before your trip to Michigan. We will order the Hitter’s PowerDrive soon.

Regards, Jared