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Pitchers Power Drive helps with 7 Big League Appearances


This is A.J. we spoke last year a couple times about the Pitchers Power Drive as I used in college at MSU and you guys sent me one to use last offseason. I just wanted to let you guys know how much the Pitchers Power Drive helped me this past season. I had the best season of my career, which eventually lead to 7 Big League appearances in September. I can honestly say your guys product had a major impact on my performance and I look forward to getting back to work on it this winter. Thanks again for all your guys help! God Bless!



Pitchers Power Drive Adds 4 MPH to Fastball

Hi Brad,

We ordered the Softball Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drive for our daughter and son. They’ve been great. My son added 4 MPH to his fastball in his last tournament of the year, touching 80MPH. I can’t imagine how he will match up with hitters this spring as an 8th grader. His delivery utilized a lot more lower half and his consistency was much better. He didn’t go beyond 2-2 in any count in has last tournament and allowed no earned runs. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me before your trip to Michigan. We will order the Hitter’s PowerDrive soon.

Regards, Jared

Training at Winning Pitchers Academy from Australia

Hi Brad

Kai and Brodie are doing well. They both said to say hi. We all had a great time in Boston , you and your staff were wonderful and extremely accommodating.

We learned a great deal from our time at your Winning Pitchers Academy and it definitely was worth our time coming over. I will keep you updated on how the boys are playing.

Regards, Theo from Australia

Great Experience at Winning Pitchers Academy


Thanks for your email. Hope to stay in contact. Maybe we can make it to return next year. Lenny tossed a no-hitter last Saturday, I think large part of the credits belong to you.

As you mentioned, would you send us the videos to the drills? This would help Lenny to improve over the next time span. 

Thank you for the great morning, we spent at your Winning Pitchers Academy.  We took home a lot.

Bernhard from Germany

P.S. My son Lenny wears your T-Shirt and cap very proudly! Being at your academy was a great experience.





Great Products, Coaches and Players in FL are Big Fans

Great products Brad, coaches and players in FL are big fans.

Take care, Chris


Winning Pitchers Academy Amazing Pitching Foundation


We continue to be grateful for the amazing pitching foundation you gave Ryan.  Ryan pitched a complete game last week (7 innings) struck out six, threw 75 pitches and 70 percent of them were strikes; 16 first pitch strikes, walked one, allowed two runs and won 6-2. We will catch up with you all on our next trip north.

All best,

Linda, (Atlanta GA)

Pitchers Power Drive is Excellent Training Tool


The Pitchers Power Drive is an excellent training tool for pitchers of all ages and skill levels. The simple, intuitive mechanism allows for solo work, and the steel frame makes the Power Drive ideal for bullpen and instructional settings. The power drive has allowed me to unlock the power stored in my lower half and utilize it more quickly and more efficiently. I cannot stress enough the importance of the Power Drive in promoting proper mechanics and its positive impact on my arm care.  THANK YOU Power Drive!



Winning Pitchers Academy Teaching Pitching Mechanics

Hi Brad,

Thank you very much for fitting in a pitching session for Jack last night.  It was a “great pitching therapy session!” Your ability to see, understand, and teach the mechanics of pitching while at the same time instilling confidence, poise and composure are unparalleled. Thanks for all that you have done for Jack and continue to do for him in his development as a pitcher and a young man. He has one start remaining in his HS season and then it’s onto the Area Code tryout and summer ball. He’s excited to be playing with the talented players that he’ll be surrounded by on u-17 team. He’ll be the only sophomore on a team of juniors and 11 of the 16 players have already committed to playing Division 1 baseball in college. I’ve attached his summer schedule so you can see where he’ll be playing. I think he’ll want to get down to work with you a few more times before the Area Code tryout.  Please pass along our thanks to Jamie as well

Thanks again


Pitchers Power Drive has been Tremendously Helpful


I thought it appropriate to pass on how your student of a few years back completed his college career.  The ten team NESCAC 2014 championship came down to four teams: Wesleyan and Amherst from the West and Tufts and Bates from the East.  In a double elimination format Wesleyan played Bates and Tufts played Amherst.  In the end it came down to a best out of three between Wesleyan and Tufts.  Wesleyan took the first game and Tufts came back and crushed Wesleyan in the second game 10-0, which elicited a final game for the championship and Chris got the nod to start.  With multiple games over the weekend the pitching staffs were taxed and there was limited relief available.  Chris went 5 innings giving up only one hit and no runs and pitched into the 6th when he was relieved with Wesleyan leading 5-0.  Innings  6 and 7  were scoreless for Tufts while Wesleyan was able to build a 6 -0 lead.  Wesleyan relief ran into trouble in the 8th but were able to hang on and close out the 9th with a win 6-4.  Chris got credited with the win and once they presented the trophy the Wesleyan team sang happy birthday to Chris in the middle of the field.  Chris came over to me afterwards quite choked up about the game and the moment and thanked me for the WP pitching lessons.  So it is only fair that I thank both you and John for those lessons since this Winning Pitcher would never have won his college championships without your help.  Chris just texted that he also won NESCAC pitcher of the week!  

Thanks, Don



Hope all is well.  The Pitchers Power Drive has been tremendously helpful for me. It is hands down the best training tool I have come across for getting the most out of one’s body. Thanks for all the advice over the years. Give John my best. I hope to see you soon. 

Regards, Chris

Power Drive Performance is Quality Organization with Quality Values and Goals

Thanks again Brad.  Appreciate all the help with Hitters Power Drive.  Your company is a quality organization with quality values and goals.  I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve taken two of the lines from your company video (the “Hard work will always take you…” and “Persistence and dedication are …”), and wrote one each in the bills of my kids’ ball caps for them to read and internalize.  Couldn’t agree with those sayings more, as they apply to all matters in life that are worth striving for, and great for character building in young ball players.  Will be in touch soon on the Pitchers Power Drive.  Thank you.