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Winning Pitchers Academy Identified Areas in Lower Half Delivery

Hi Brad,

I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that the training that Michael did last week with Jamie & John was excellent.  It was everything that you outlined and Michael really learned a lot. We saw a lot of progress from Monday to Tuesday as they identified several areas with Michael in his lower half delivery that they were helping him to adjust. He is starting to do some of the drills, stretching and workouts that Jamie and John did with him last week.  I’ll keep you in the loop on how things go and send you some video in a few weeks that Jamie can review and see what recommendations he has.

Thanks, Bob (Chicago, IL)

Winning Pitchers Academy Amazing Pitching Foundation


We continue to be grateful for the amazing pitching foundation you gave Ryan.  Ryan pitched a complete game last week (7 innings) struck out six, threw 75 pitches and 70 percent of them were strikes; 16 first pitch strikes, walked one, allowed two runs and won 6-2. We will catch up with you all on our next trip north.

All best,

Linda, (Atlanta GA)

Winning Pitchers Academy Teaching Pitching Mechanics

Hi Brad,

Thank you very much for fitting in a pitching session for Jack last night.  It was a “great pitching therapy session!” Your ability to see, understand, and teach the mechanics of pitching while at the same time instilling confidence, poise and composure are unparalleled. Thanks for all that you have done for Jack and continue to do for him in his development as a pitcher and a young man. He has one start remaining in his HS season and then it’s onto the Area Code tryout and summer ball. He’s excited to be playing with the talented players that he’ll be surrounded by on u-17 team. He’ll be the only sophomore on a team of juniors and 11 of the 16 players have already committed to playing Division 1 baseball in college. I’ve attached his summer schedule so you can see where he’ll be playing. I think he’ll want to get down to work with you a few more times before the Area Code tryout.  Please pass along our thanks to Jamie as well

Thanks again


Pitchers Power Drive has been Tremendously Helpful


I thought it appropriate to pass on how your student of a few years back completed his college career.  The ten team NESCAC 2014 championship came down to four teams: Wesleyan and Amherst from the West and Tufts and Bates from the East.  In a double elimination format Wesleyan played Bates and Tufts played Amherst.  In the end it came down to a best out of three between Wesleyan and Tufts.  Wesleyan took the first game and Tufts came back and crushed Wesleyan in the second game 10-0, which elicited a final game for the championship and Chris got the nod to start.  With multiple games over the weekend the pitching staffs were taxed and there was limited relief available.  Chris went 5 innings giving up only one hit and no runs and pitched into the 6th when he was relieved with Wesleyan leading 5-0.  Innings  6 and 7  were scoreless for Tufts while Wesleyan was able to build a 6 -0 lead.  Wesleyan relief ran into trouble in the 8th but were able to hang on and close out the 9th with a win 6-4.  Chris got credited with the win and once they presented the trophy the Wesleyan team sang happy birthday to Chris in the middle of the field.  Chris came over to me afterwards quite choked up about the game and the moment and thanked me for the WP pitching lessons.  So it is only fair that I thank both you and John for those lessons since this Winning Pitcher would never have won his college championships without your help.  Chris just texted that he also won NESCAC pitcher of the week!  

Thanks, Don



Hope all is well.  The Pitchers Power Drive has been tremendously helpful for me. It is hands down the best training tool I have come across for getting the most out of one’s body. Thanks for all the advice over the years. Give John my best. I hope to see you soon. 

Regards, Chris

Teaching to Pitch with Hips and Leg Drive

Hi Brad,
Just reaching out to give you an update on Jake. Jake threw a 60 pitch 13k for 5 innings last Saturday for Babe Ruth team.  He was pulled after he gave up his 1st hit.  His High school coach was umpire behind the plate, and wanted to start him that Tues. He went on to start Tues for his high school team, and threw  83 pitches with 7k and 2 walks in 5 innings.  His confidence is booming. His arm feels great. You teaching him how to throw correctly, involving his hips and leg drive, and throwing with both shoulders has been instrumental in his recent success. He is on a 3 pitcher rotation now for his high school team. Which is great for him, but won’t be available for Babe Ruth. Thank you for your help.  We will see you soon for a tune up. 



Most Productive Pitching Training Ever, Incredible Results

Hi Brad,

Thank you for working Charlie in on short notice this week.  I know it was a tough week for you with your staff being out ill and the new baby.  This was the most productive training Charlie’s ever had -by far.  Incredible results in just 4 hours.  More importantly, he understands the concepts required to generate power because he felt and saw the direct correlation between the drills and improved results. He is motivated to continue the drills.  I’m looking forward to getting the drills on video.  Let me know when you get the Crossover DVD’s.  Thanks again.

Regards, Tim

Winning Pitchers Academy is Best Training Experience

My 16 year old son has worked with professional pitching coaches since he was 12 years old. Winning Pitchers Academy (WPA) is by far the best experience we have had.  His current coach suggested we try the Pitchers Power Drive (PPD).  Upon investigating the PPD, I learned it was associated with WPA.  I called and spoke to Brad at WPA and I knew I had found something special.  We traveled from Pennsylvania to Boston and spent two days at WPA.  My son immediately got it and the improvement was evident in his pitching.  The combination of the most sophisticated technology available to analyze mechanics and a simple and effective method to communicate what and how to change mechanics were the winning combination. My son’s coach is fully onboard and he is heading to Boston to spend several hours reviewing their process and technology.  I look forward to continuing a long relationship with WPA.


Winning Pitchers Academy & Pitchers Power Drive Instruction


I just wanted to say thank you for working with Louis this weekend.  He had a great time and learned  a lot.  Everyone on your team was great and helped provide a comfortable learning experience.  You all have a wealth of knowledge and a demeanor that facilitates learning, especially on younger student such as Louis.  I am thinking of coming up again on Saturday December 28th.  Let me know and we will firm up a date.

Thanks again. Mike

Pitching Instruction Exactly What We’ve Been Looking For


Thank you very much for the training Kenny received this past weekend.  The instructions you and Jaime provided was exactly what we have been looking for.  We would like to schedule another training session the afternoon of December 21 or morning of Dec. 22.  We are looking to drive up from Virginia Saturday morning, if possible schedule something from 2-4 pm on Saturday.  Please let me know your availability.

Thank you,

Have used the Pitchers Power Drive for the Last Few Years

Hi,  I am the GM of a Baseball/Softball training facility in Omaha, NE.  I am also a pitching instructor and have been using the Pitchers Power Drive for the last few years as one of my training tools.  I really like the product and think it is a very useful training tool.

Sean, Academy in Nebraska