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Thank You For Developing Great Power Drive Training Aids

Hi Brad,

Hope all is well at Power Drive. I wanted to give you an update on my son’s and daughter’s progress. We ordered the hitter’s and pitcher’s devices for both softball and baseball. They both are hitting well. Our daughter played with a high school travel team and was the second-best hitter on the team. She was in fifth grade last year. Her hitting is a credit to your device. Our son consistently hit 86 on the radar gun at his high school tryout. It was his first time pitching off the mound since fall and his training was behind schedule due to basketball. He wasn’t throwing with his usual effort. I’m sure he’s throwing harder now, but he hasn’t been gunned since the tryout. He’s a freshman playing varsity and dominating on the mound and at the plate. Thank you for developing such great training tools!


Jared, From CA


Hitters Power Drive Continues to be a Great Training Tool


I ordered the Hitters Power Drive last year and it’s been and continues to be a great training tool.  It really helped my twins understand the mechanics of initiating back side movement and weight transfer for their swing.  I know the Pitchers Power Drive will help with their lower body mechanics and hip lead.  Can’t wait to get them on it. Great work you guys do.

Don from Hawaii

Great Products, Coaches and Players in FL are Big Fans

Great products Brad, coaches and players in FL are big fans.

Take care, Chris


Power Drive Performance is Quality Organization with Quality Values and Goals

Thanks again Brad.  Appreciate all the help with Hitters Power Drive.  Your company is a quality organization with quality values and goals.  I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve taken two of the lines from your company video (the “Hard work will always take you…” and “Persistence and dedication are …”), and wrote one each in the bills of my kids’ ball caps for them to read and internalize.  Couldn’t agree with those sayings more, as they apply to all matters in life that are worth striving for, and great for character building in young ball players.  Will be in touch soon on the Pitchers Power Drive.  Thank you.


Hitters Power Drive Helped Immensely

February 17, 2014

John and Brad,

I just wanted to reach out to you again and express how pleased I have been with the Hitters Power Drive. I had a goal of tapping into my lower half and getting more linear this winter and your tool has helped immensely. Thanks again, Jeremy

December 15, 2013 


My name is Jeremy, I am currently in the Chicago White Sox organization.  I just came across your Hitters Power Drive and think it is fantastic.  Getting into that linear power position is the thing I struggle with most when I hit. Thanks, Jeremy

Pitchers Power Drive Helped Son’s Pitching Performance Tremendously!

Hello Brad,
I cannot wait to get the Pitchers Power Stride and the Hitters Power Drive….I’ve had your Pitchers Power Drive for almost two years now, and let me tell you it has helped my 10-year old son’s pitching performance tremendously!  I’ve watched  many coaches try to teach pitching to many young players, and a lot of them are incorrectly instructing–failing to teach the players the correct “lower half” mechanics.  It’s too bad since many kids are just basically throwing with their arms and not utilizing their lower body.

I completely see the benefits of how the Pitchers Power Stride will help, too, with pitching….as well as the Hitters Power Drive with hitting.  Again, my oldest son, is he a good hitter.  But sometimes I feel he is not properly “driving through the ball” by using his lower body properly….and I have no doubt the Hitters Power Drive will assist with this hitting correction through using your product.

Your products are amazing!  All of them are really revolutionizing the sport….THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming up with incredible “high quality” products.  Please keep doing what you are doing!

Thank you so much, again!
A Satisfied Customer to Pitchers Power Drive

Love our Softball Power Drives

Love our Softball Power Drives.  Our 12 year old pitchers and hitters are getting the most out of it and showing dramatic growth in their game. 


British Columbia

Hitters Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drives Loved in Australia

PPD Staff,

My 13 yr old son made it to the Nationals for Jan 2014 in Australia. I purchased both the Hitters Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drive and got them sent to Australia. The coaches in 1 lesson had his back foot corrected as he would go up on his toe and pivot, leading to over compensating to get it in the catchers gloveand hurting his arm.  Also his balance was off as he leaned back but the click dobbed him in and he was corrected for that as well.  I can drive my son everywhere for games, feed him well and get him off to bed in time but the best thing regarding Baseball I have done for him was get these plates. The coaches here loved them, it finally made their job of correcting easy.



Drew Storen is such a “Stand Up Guy” with Pitchers Power Drive

I’m not sure if you remember me (Rick Howell) or not i’m, sure you do. I’m from Anderson Indiana and, I purchased a Pitchers Power Drive and a Hitters Power Drive for my son. I just wanted to thank you for telling me about the camps that Greenfield Indiana has this time of the year. I always have made it a point to find that camp and I did. While my wife, son and I were there at the camp we, met this amazing guy called “Drew Storen”!! All i can say is that you have the right athletes promoting your product. When you meet a successful athlete you want to ask a lot of questions and take up most of his time well, I’m not that type of person because, I know he lives a busy life. What was funny about the whole situation was he was trying to get to know us and talk to us. He was letting us know about a camp in Noblesville Indiana that he will be attending at the Power Alley in Dec. The reason for him telling us about the camp was because, my son asked him to autograph his Pitchers Power Drive that, we keep in the car were ever he goes, its a must that he takes it to any camp or practice. Drew tried to autograph it but, the marker we had was not working well. Drew is such a “Stand Up Guy” he actually took a picture with my son and held my sons Power Drive for him.

Thanks again Brad!!!!


Power Drives Definitely Making a Difference with the Kids We Work With


I saw on twitter you have released some new videos. I purchased pitchers power drive and hitters power drive. We love them in our facility! Definitely making a difference with the kids we work with.


Mike, Training Academy in ND