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Pitchers Power Drive Owners Training Site

Thank you very much for access to the Owners Only training site.  We’ve used the training alot, my son has been our ace pitcher last 2 years since training on Pitchers Power Drive, unbelievable the feedback we get and how he looks, just wanted the login just to go back for reference. I’m head coach for 12u travel team and we purchased another Pitchers Power Drive for the team the beginning of this year. We started pitching training last week and the 2 Pitchers Power Drives are what we use. Thank you for a great product and great assistance.


“We practice like we play!”


Pitchers Power Drive is by Far Best Teaching Tool Ever

I’m currently an assistant coach at a High School in St. Louis, MO.  Prior to that I was the Head Coach at another High School.  I’ve also coached in college summer leagues for the past 6 summers.

I’ve started using the Power Drive in my lessons and I must say, it is by far the best teaching tool I’ve ever used.  The auditory feedback along with the kinesthetic is awesome.  I’ve already talked to our head coach and we are going to buy 2 or 3 more for our team.  Thanks again. Michael

Hitters Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drives Loved in Australia

PPD Staff,

My 13 yr old son made it to the Nationals for Jan 2014 in Australia. I purchased both the Hitters Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drive and got them sent to Australia. The coaches in 1 lesson had his back foot corrected as he would go up on his toe and pivot, leading to over compensating to get it in the catchers gloveand hurting his arm.  Also his balance was off as he leaned back but the click dobbed him in and he was corrected for that as well.  I can drive my son everywhere for games, feed him well and get him off to bed in time but the best thing regarding Baseball I have done for him was get these plates. The coaches here loved them, it finally made their job of correcting easy.



Pitchers Power Drive Owners Training Website

Hi Brad,

Thank you for your help with this matter.  I really appreciate it.

I will definitely use the website for info and drills.   That’s great benefit of the PPD.

Coach V

Can’t Wait to get HS Kid Training


Love the product. Look forward to getting my high school kids training on Pitchers Power Drive!


Alan Cockrell, Diamondbacks Completes Computer Analysis on Linear Then Rotational Hitting Mechanics

Alan Cockrell, Arizona Diamondbacks Hitting Coordinator completes a new advance computer analysis study of professional All Star hitters using Right View Pro analysis software.  This is an educational project to teach young players the importance of the linear move and then rotational for successful power hitting.



Use in Warmups and Stations

We use it indoors and outdoors as part of our warmups and stations. Works great.


HS Coach

Lower End Mechanics

Brad, the power drive has helped with the lower end, mechanics for all of our players. We see the most gain with our younger guys, 11-14. It seems their muscle memory is the easiest to change when it comes to using the product.



Leg Drive

It has shown my pitchers that leg drive is not consistent

Have a great day


My Pitchers Know What To Do

Hi Brad,

Love your product. Been using it for over a year now with my 12-14 year old group and what’s great about it is once they know what to listen for and how that translates into what they might be doing wrong, they can(a lot of times) correct themselves. I wouldn’t recommend letting the pitchers pen by themselves but sometimes I have to leave my “post,” as pitching coach to attend to something else going on and it is nice to know that I can leave my pitchers alone and they know what to do. Aloha.


PAC-5 Baseball, Honolulu(ILH)