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Power Drive Performance Products Very Well-Made

Hi Brad,

It was great talking to you about my order and your website last week.  We received all of our order and I just wanted give feedback on it: Your packaging and product presentation was very well thought-out, classy and professional – much like your website and videos. They also all tie together nicely. 

Perhaps the ultimate compliment is that when I opened the Power Drive, I got the same feeling that I get whenever I open an Apple product (if you have ever opened an Apple product, then you know exactly what I mean). Everything was packaged professionally and neatly. Unlike most other sports equipment that is just thrown in a box and jammed with popcorn pieces or bubble-wrap and the outside box is shredded or all beat-up upon arrival.

Also (most importantly) the Power Drive product itself is obviously very well-made with great attention to detail. The Amanda Scarborough card with the login codes was also a nice finishing touch.

 Thanks so much for the excellent product. Keep up the great work!

 Best, Malcolm CA


Pitchers Power Drive Chalk Mat has been great

The Pitchers Power Drive Chalk Mat has been great.  We’ve found it useful not only for softball but we also utilize it with some of our baseball instruction.  Our softball instructors use it daily for their pitching lessons. The step down rubber has the feel similar to what they experience on the field and the red line gives that instant feedback and reference point with every pitch.  We even have customers coming in between lessons renting cages that ask if they can use the mat to work on what they covered with their instructor.  On the baseball side we’ve incorporated it into several aspects of what we do with our camps as well as lessons.  Again, the red stripe is an easy reference point for some of our younger spring break campers when we practice throwing or pitching.  For youth pitchers (ages 9-11) we use it for flat pen work, we’ve even put it up our pitching mounds to help correct or illustrate when a player is throwing across their body.  Very simple, multifunctional teaching device!  Very happy to have it incorporated into our Academy.

Cory from Texas

Softball Power Drive Chalk Mat is Top of Line


When my daughter rolled that mat out she was in awe! It looks really nice and top of the line. We will use it tomorrow.