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Winning Pitchers Academy Knowledge and Positive Atmosphere


Please tell Tommy, Brad and Jamie that we really appreciate all they did and the outstanding training the boys received. I was so impressed not just with their knowledge but also the positive atmosphere they create for the boys.

In their first starts on opening weekend Noah and Nathan both pitched. Noah went 5 1/3 innings with no hits, one walk and 16 strike outs in 62 pitches. Nathan went 4 innings with approximately 9 strike outs and gave up only one run and was the winning pitcher. Thanks for all the great teaching!

Sincerely, Mark

Pitchers Power Drive is Amazing

Hello Brad, My name is Ross and back in Nov 14 my wife Emma and I purchased the Pitchers Power drive for our daughter Olivia…well…..all we can say is amazing! She’s now 10 and we practiced using the training videos a few times over a 3 week period and continue to train with PPD…The result…..Strikeouts galore! Although she is still working on her technique the foundations on the lower part of her action are surely in place….Attached is a short video of her pitching style for your scruitiny:) Take care and many thanks…she now has a BIG future in the game.’

Emma, Ross and Olivia (Baseball Pitcher) from Australia

Training with Pitchers Power Stride and Mat


We can’t wait to start training with the Pitching Mat and Pitchers Power Stride.  I’ve got some very excited players at academy already with Pitchers Power Drive. Thanks again,talk to you soon. 

Tim from WI

Great Products, Coaches and Players in FL are Big Fans

Great products Brad, coaches and players in FL are big fans.

Take care, Chris


Teaching to Pitch with Hips and Leg Drive

Hi Brad,
Just reaching out to give you an update on Jake. Jake threw a 60 pitch 13k for 5 innings last Saturday for Babe Ruth team.  He was pulled after he gave up his 1st hit.  His High school coach was umpire behind the plate, and wanted to start him that Tues. He went on to start Tues for his high school team, and threw  83 pitches with 7k and 2 walks in 5 innings.  His confidence is booming. His arm feels great. You teaching him how to throw correctly, involving his hips and leg drive, and throwing with both shoulders has been instrumental in his recent success. He is on a 3 pitcher rotation now for his high school team. Which is great for him, but won’t be available for Babe Ruth. Thank you for your help.  We will see you soon for a tune up. 



Most Productive Pitching Training Ever, Incredible Results

Hi Brad,

Thank you for working Charlie in on short notice this week.  I know it was a tough week for you with your staff being out ill and the new baby.  This was the most productive training Charlie’s ever had -by far.  Incredible results in just 4 hours.  More importantly, he understands the concepts required to generate power because he felt and saw the direct correlation between the drills and improved results. He is motivated to continue the drills.  I’m looking forward to getting the drills on video.  Let me know when you get the Crossover DVD’s.  Thanks again.

Regards, Tim

I Use the Pitchers Power Drive Every Day

Hi John,

I just wanted to say thank you for your product. I am a D3 pitcher. Being in D3, we get less pitching instruction. I use the power drive before and after practice every day. Nothing teaches the proper lower mechanics like your product does.

Good luck with your future products, and thanks again.

P.s. Just made my coach order the Pitchers Power Stride. Can’t wait.

Pitchers Power Drive Helped Son’s Pitching Performance Tremendously!

Hello Brad,
I cannot wait to get the Pitchers Power Stride and the Hitters Power Drive….I’ve had your Pitchers Power Drive for almost two years now, and let me tell you it has helped my 10-year old son’s pitching performance tremendously!  I’ve watched  many coaches try to teach pitching to many young players, and a lot of them are incorrectly instructing–failing to teach the players the correct “lower half” mechanics.  It’s too bad since many kids are just basically throwing with their arms and not utilizing their lower body.

I completely see the benefits of how the Pitchers Power Stride will help, too, with pitching….as well as the Hitters Power Drive with hitting.  Again, my oldest son, is he a good hitter.  But sometimes I feel he is not properly “driving through the ball” by using his lower body properly….and I have no doubt the Hitters Power Drive will assist with this hitting correction through using your product.

Your products are amazing!  All of them are really revolutionizing the sport….THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming up with incredible “high quality” products.  Please keep doing what you are doing!

Thank you so much, again!
A Satisfied Customer to Pitchers Power Drive