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Hitters Power Drive Review

The HPD has helped with my timing and swing drastically… It has taught me to drive the ball with correct hip rotation as well. Thanks ! Jarett

How the PPD has Helped

I would like to say that the pitchers power drive has really helped me ALOT.  When I first got this, I was only throwing 75 mph, and recently I have topped out at 83 mph and got called up straight to Varsity. I have learned how to use my hips, the proper mechanics, and the right way to throw. This has really helped my baseball career, and I still have plenty of time left! My next goal is to throw 90 mph by the next spring season. Thanks for your time in reading this.

Has Kept Me Healthy

Hey Brad,

PPD has not only helped me land a spot on a University team, but has kept me healthy. Last year prior to obtaining my PPD, I had a shoulder/bicep issue. It was due to poor timing thus poor mechanics. Hearing the auditory click, along with making my self have a strong hip lead has made me come back this year throwing harder and more efficient.

Thank you to yourself and your team at Pitchers Power Drive,