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Incredible Success with Pitchers Power Drive

Greetings Brad,

Just wanted to pass on a quick note that I have incorporated the Pitchers Power Drive into my club Baseball (largest competitive baseball organization in Oklahoma) specifically my 13U team which is nationally ranked in the top 15 in travel ball for over a year now and I have seen incredible success/feedback in my boys on helping them understand the correct feel/movement for the lower half.

As a collegiate and professional pitcher back in the 90’s I wish a tool like the Pitchers Power Drive was available to me because I am certain it would have had nothing but a positive impact on my career and learning curve.

Thanks again for such a great teaching tool.


Taking Pitchers Power Drive on Road with Team

“Brandon, thanks for the note. I am a believer in the Power Drive. We own one with the Southern Illinois Miners and our guys use it regularly as part of their work, including taking it on the road with us.”

Manager of the Southern Illinois Minors