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Alan Cockrell, Diamondbacks Completes Computer Analysis on Linear Then Rotational Hitting Mechanics

Alan Cockrell, Arizona Diamondbacks Hitting Coordinator completes a new advance computer analysis study of professional All Star hitters using Right View Pro analysis software.  This is an educational project to teach young players the importance of the linear move and then rotational for successful power hitting.



New Black PPD’s are Good

Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2013 6:17 PM
To: Brad Miller
Subject: Re: Pitchers Power Drive

New black PPD’s are good. I like them. Bigger guys have been using them and older guys that are good at the other ones. Glad you guys told me to get those. 


Coach Jackson,

Glad to hear you and your pitchers like the Black XX Pro model.  Derek Johnson at Vanderbilt asked us to design that model a couple years ago for larger sized pitchers.  We tested at our Winning Pitchers Academy and DJ tested at Vanderbilt.  Most MLB pitchers and teams are using the Black XX model.  Drew Storen used the silver model for 1 1/2 years and has moved to the Black XX for past 18 months. For Collegiate programs we are recommending a combination of Pro Silver and Pro Black XX models.  You now have both which will help your entire pitching staff. 

Best to your teams training and a great 2013 collegiate season.


First Round Pick

I love these products and use them all the time, resulting in a possible pitchers first round pick this year!

Coach Jim

Coaches and Players Believe


Like many other college coaches,  I’m skeptical about different training products/devices.  I recently worked a camp with a Michigan State and Coastal Carolina coach and asked them about their experiences with the Power Drive and both spoke highly of it.  It’s one thing for a coach to believe in a drill, the key is for a player to believe in it and in both cases they said that their pitchers gave them positive feedback.

Please give me a call when you get a chance.  Mornings are the best time to catch me as we practice in the afternoon. 

Best wishes!


Noticeable Positive Changes

We just got it a few weeks ago and I have seen some noticeable positive changes in some of our guys who have had troubles with drifting… They are learning to lead with that front hip and their rhythm and sequence has really improved.


DI Pitching Coach