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PPD Helped

Brad – Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the PPD. My son is a Soph at one of the top HS programs in the country according to ESPN Mag and MaxPreps, and has had in the past a tendency to drift off the mound instead of driving downhill. He’s long at 6’3”  and has always been tall for his age so this has been a problem that has plagued him until now. I found your product on line after months of research and purchased it this past summer. Within 3 weeks of using PPD (Uses it in the house, yard, on the field – we hear the “Clisk” everywhere) His tendency to drift was dramatically reduced. To top it off, school started a few weeks later and the program had purchased 4 PPD’s for the pitching staff to use in the fall training season. Coupled with his work at home, he is driving downhill consistently, his velocity has improved at least 5MPH(Clocked at 87MPH) and his mechanics and balance on the hill has really taken a turn for the better. I project with a couple more growing seasons, maturity and using the PPD he will be in the low to mid nineties before he heads off to play at the next level. After years of searching and buying products and lessons that produced nothing other than confusion and poor results, Morgan is on track to do what he has always dreamed of doing. Pitching at the next level! Thank you for producing such a simple tool that can be used in so many ways. It is by FAR the most productive tool I’ve ever seen and I’ve been around the game for 30 years.

Thank you, Doug

Hitters Power Drive

I use the hitters power drive and I think it is an exceptional tool to help hitters.

Gary, Head Baseball Coach

How the PPD has Helped

I would like to say that the pitchers power drive has really helped me ALOT.  When I first got this, I was only throwing 75 mph, and recently I have topped out at 83 mph and got called up straight to Varsity. I have learned how to use my hips, the proper mechanics, and the right way to throw. This has really helped my baseball career, and I still have plenty of time left! My next goal is to throw 90 mph by the next spring season. Thanks for your time in reading this.

Three Power Drive Family

Three Power Drive family, we have the Pitchers, Softball and Hitters Power Drives.  Overall, the quality, use, and level of skill training a child can get from each one of the Power Drive devices is limitless. Not to mention the video updates you get to further training, makes these a must for any parent wanting to train their children and see the potential that lies down the road.

Sincerely, Patrick

Love the Instant Feedback

Great training tool. Love the instant feedback the boys get from using it!


Perfect Game

My son Samuel is a 6’8″ 15 year old with a 1.50 ERA and a perfect game, playing varsity, this year.  His brother is his ass’t coach, and I have loaned the Power Drive to his high school.  It has made a great impact on Sam’s delivery and that of many of his team mates.  Please find enclosed the article on Sam in the newpaper on his perfect game with 12 K’s.


Couldn’t Be Happier

The pitchers Power Drive has shown great success with the pitchers at our facility.  Couldn’t be happier.
Yours on the Diamond,

Body Weight Into Pitch

I love the power drive.  It’s helped my 12 year old son tremendously.   He weighs 80lbs soaking wet and with this device it helps him get his body weight into that pitch.   He’s become a better pitcher and now his coach wants to use it for other pitchers on his team.

Thanks, Gary

Feel Proper Mechanics

I use the pitchers power drive with my high school team and with my individual lessons to help athletes feel the proper lower body mechanics and improve velocity.

Mike, High School Coach

Has Kept Me Healthy

Hey Brad,

PPD has not only helped me land a spot on a University team, but has kept me healthy. Last year prior to obtaining my PPD, I had a shoulder/bicep issue. It was due to poor timing thus poor mechanics. Hearing the auditory click, along with making my self have a strong hip lead has made me come back this year throwing harder and more efficient.

Thank you to yourself and your team at Pitchers Power Drive,