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Throwing pain-free now by employing lower half

Hi Brad,

My son has been using the Pitchers Power Drive since I saw it at that the 2010 American Baseball Coaches Association convention in Dallas. Since then he has dramatically increased his velocity. More importantly, he has been throwing pain-free since he now is employing his lower half more effectively. I now use it with many of the younger kids I coach to great advantage. I wish you great success with your product.

Sincerely, Dean

Tremendous Tool

The Pitchers Power Drive has been a tremendous tool for helping players develop the feel of using their lower half in the pitching motion. The audio feedback mechanism is great in that players know when they have the correct movements without a coach or parent telling them. Working with many middle to high school aged kids, sometimes less is more when it comes to verbal coaching and cues. We even have a couple of kids who use the PPD in between innings to remind themselves about the lower half mechanics.

Thanks for a great product!



Pitchers Power Drive Has Been a Very Effective Tool

The Pitchers Power Drive has been a very effective tool for my son.  He is 15 and pitches on his high school team as well as on a summer team.  We reached the point where his mechanics looked good and the PPD helped him to notice the weight shift as he delivered the ball.  It is simple to use and we use it for flat ground pitching and drills.



Helping Tremendously .

My 16 year old son is using Power Drive Training System as a left handed pitcher and is helping him tremendously .


My Pitchers Know What To Do

Hi Brad,

Love your product. Been using it for over a year now with my 12-14 year old group and what’s great about it is once they know what to listen for and how that translates into what they might be doing wrong, they can(a lot of times) correct themselves. I wouldn’t recommend letting the pitchers pen by themselves but sometimes I have to leave my “post,” as pitching coach to attend to something else going on and it is nice to know that I can leave my pitchers alone and they know what to do. Aloha.


PAC-5 Baseball, Honolulu(ILH)