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First Round Pick

I love these products and use them all the time, resulting in a possible pitchers first round pick this year!

Coach Jim

Reaching your Highest Potential

I have bought two PPD’s this year. One for my son that is in his freshman year at Northern Oklahoma JC at Enid and the other for my 13 year old. My older son has had a great fall giving up only two runs in a dozen outings. He likes your product because it helps him reinforce using his lower half. My younger son using PPD and doing velocity training and is seeing gains in his velo every time the radar. I believe this product is a great tool to help a pitcher work on his lower half. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to pitch at his highest potential.


Conference Championship

I purchased my son’s PPD a little over three years ago at the Perfect Game East Cobb tournament. Ryan is now a Junior at Concord University, a DII school in Athens WV. He has been their #1 pitcher since the first half of his Freshman year, and lead them to a Conference Championship that year. Their first one in ten years. The other day one of the coaches asked him about his bottom half mechanics, and he told them about his PPD. They asked him to bring his PPD back to school for them to use during practices. Thanks for a great product.


Pitchers Power Drive – Amazing Results

Hi John,
My name is Scott and I own a Baseball Academy in NJ.  I use your product extensively when training my pitchers and I get amazing results. I find it extremely helpful with 7 and 8 year olds who are just learning how to pitch. It gets them going in the right direction before they can develop bad habits. Keep up the great work with the videos. They are very helpful. I am also going to start talking to my student’s parents about your pitching analysis. I am a client for life.
PS. I met you down in Georgia at 17U Perfect Game tournament a couple of years ago and you are a class act.
Best regards,
Coach Scott

First “No Hitter”

1st email – March 9, 2012 “I was reading a lot about your Product(s) last couple of days. I’m totally behind the leg/hip are key for power in pitching and hitting. My son just started pitching little league. I work for the military in Japan and over here we do not have the access we would in the states to instructors.

2nd email – October 29, 2012 “Hi guys, Have been using the PPD for a little while now and my son (Titus) pitched his first no-hitter this weekend, with 11 strikeouts. Thanks from our side of the pond”.