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You Have Great Product

I bought two items from you…the pitching and the hitting version on the same day.  Did they both ship?  Thanks Brad!  Can’t wait.  You have a great product.


I just checked with our Winning Pitchers Academy where we ship each day from.  We shipped the Pitchers Power Drive only due to the Hitters Power Drive being on back order.  Good news is that all of our Power Drive Performance products are built 25 minutes from our WP academy.  Our fabricator partner finished 30 of 250 units yesterday and due to back order situation, they were picked up this morning by the Powder Coating company so we can fill orders this week.  They will be painted in the next 48 hours and delivered to our Winning Pitchers Academy for shipping later this week.  We will update you when we ship.

Our products are top quality due to being manufactured 100% in USA including using American made steel.  They will last your sons career.

You will have access to our “Owners Only” web base training site.  As professional trainers we keep this site updated often for continuous training.  Should you ever have any questions….just call as we are at our WP Academy seven days a week.

Best to your sons training and a successful 2013 season!


New Black PPD’s are Good

Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2013 6:17 PM
To: Brad Miller
Subject: Re: Pitchers Power Drive

New black PPD’s are good. I like them. Bigger guys have been using them and older guys that are good at the other ones. Glad you guys told me to get those. 


Coach Jackson,

Glad to hear you and your pitchers like the Black XX Pro model.  Derek Johnson at Vanderbilt asked us to design that model a couple years ago for larger sized pitchers.  We tested at our Winning Pitchers Academy and DJ tested at Vanderbilt.  Most MLB pitchers and teams are using the Black XX model.  Drew Storen used the silver model for 1 1/2 years and has moved to the Black XX for past 18 months. For Collegiate programs we are recommending a combination of Pro Silver and Pro Black XX models.  You now have both which will help your entire pitching staff. 

Best to your teams training and a great 2013 collegiate season.


Making the Majors

If I would have know about Power Drive back when I was 13-18 years old I would have made the majors!


15 Years old Hitting 85 on PPD

By the way… I have two kids that gained 8 mph on the pitchers power drive. They were at 77 before and now they are hitting 85 and they are only 15 years old. They are still growing and getting stronger. Thanks again!