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We Love the Hitters Power Drive

Thank you so much Brad.  We love the Hitters Power Drive.  My daughter has seen huge improvements with it.


Alan Cockrell, Diamondbacks Completes Computer Analysis on Linear Then Rotational Hitting Mechanics

Alan Cockrell, Arizona Diamondbacks Hitting Coordinator completes a new advance computer analysis study of professional All Star hitters using Right View Pro analysis software.  This is an educational project to teach young players the importance of the linear move and then rotational for successful power hitting.



Pitchers Power Drive one of the best teaching tools


I bought the youth powerdrive a couple months ago. My son is 10yrs old and uses it.  I can see an increase in his speed and how much better this form is.  I wanted to say thank you for the powerdrive.  It is one of the best teaching tools out there.

I would also like more information on the ACA live program.

Also, I saw that you are located in Boston.  Do you do lessons for 10yr old kids.  I live in Philly and we are coming to Boston this year for vacation and was wondering about lessons.  If someone could be get back, that would be great.



Thank for making a great product!


I purchased your PPD about a year and a half ago.

Thank for making a great product!


PGA Show and Golfers Power Drive

Great Golfers Power Drive presentation at PGA show.  Saw product last year and loved the concept.  I ordered the product at this years show and can’t wait to start using.


Great Tool

Thank you so much!!  We’ve been using the Pitcher’s Power Drive since the day it arrived.  WHAT A GREAT TOOL!   Can’t wait to get my hands on the Hitters Power Drive!


My Son Loves Your Product

Hey Brad.  Wanted to let you know that my son loves your product.  We have been using it quite a bit so far and I can already see major improvement on hip lead.  So thanks.