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WOW Hitters Power Drive Clinic – What a Great Opportunity


WOW, Allan Cockrell with Diamondbacks what a great opportunity for the kids.

Shane IS IN

I will attend as well.

Thanks Mike


Looking Forward to Pitchers Power Drive in Australia


Nice talking to you last weekend . I am really looking forward to working with the PPD Professional, PPD Youth and HPD .  Thank you for your prompt service it’s great to deal with a professionally run business .

Look forward to meeting you in the near future when I book my sons in for some of coaching clinics .

Kind Regards,

Theo, Australia Customer



Winning Pitchers Instruction

Brad, John and Jamie,

This past weekend we had our 18 inning fall scrimmage vs Anna Maria.  I pitched 2 innings with 3 K’s, 2 groundouts and a flyout. No runners got on base and my arm felt great. I sat at 82mph and topped out at 84mph. I want to thank you guys for these past few years of instruction and guidance and for helping me reach the college baseball level.

Attached are several pictures from my appearance on Saturday. Can’t wait until I can come in again soon.

Thanks, Aidan



Taking Pitchers Power Drive on Road with Team

“Brandon, thanks for the note. I am a believer in the Power Drive. We own one with the Southern Illinois Miners and our guys use it regularly as part of their work, including taking it on the road with us.”

Manager of the Southern Illinois Minors