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Hitters Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drives Loved in Australia

PPD Staff,

My 13 yr old son made it to the Nationals for Jan 2014 in Australia. I purchased both the Hitters Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drive and got them sent to Australia. The coaches in 1 lesson had his back foot corrected as he would go up on his toe and pivot, leading to over compensating to get it in the catchers gloveand hurting his arm.  Also his balance was off as he leaned back but the click dobbed him in and he was corrected for that as well.  I can drive my son everywhere for games, feed him well and get him off to bed in time but the best thing regarding Baseball I have done for him was get these plates. The coaches here loved them, it finally made their job of correcting easy.



Winning Pitchers Academy & Pitchers Power Drive Instruction


I just wanted to say thank you for working with Louis this weekend.  He had a great time and learned  a lot.  Everyone on your team was great and helped provide a comfortable learning experience.  You all have a wealth of knowledge and a demeanor that facilitates learning, especially on younger student such as Louis.  I am thinking of coming up again on Saturday December 28th.  Let me know and we will firm up a date.

Thanks again. Mike