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Pitchers Power Drive is by Far Best Teaching Tool Ever

I’m currently an assistant coach at a High School in St. Louis, MO.  Prior to that I was the Head Coach at another High School.  I’ve also coached in college summer leagues for the past 6 summers.

I’ve started using the Power Drive in my lessons and I must say, it is by far the best teaching tool I’ve ever used.  The auditory feedback along with the kinesthetic is awesome.  I’ve already talked to our head coach and we are going to buy 2 or 3 more for our team.  Thanks again. Michael

Both College Sons Love Training on Pitchers Power Drive


If you can get this Pitchers Power Drive to me ASAP. Our son leaves to go back to college Saturday morning and we would like to send it with him to avoid having to reship it to him. We bought one earlier in December for our other son and he took it off to college with him 2 days ago. They both trained with it over the holidays and loved it. Thank you very much. Nancy

Introduced to Pitchers Power Drive at Michigan State University


A.J. Achter, Minnesota Twins

I was first introduced to the Pitchers Power Drive my sophomore year at Michigan State by my pitching coach Mark Van Ameyde. It was something that I bought into right away. It was the first tool that I had used that I could feel results instantaneously. I just finished my 4th year in Minnesota Twins organization, spending the past season between AA/AAA, and still use the product in my training and also use it when I give lessons to high school pitchers. I highly recommend it to any pitcher out there regardless of the level you compete at. The Pitchers Power Drive is a tool that trains your lower half to work properly, one of the hardest things in baseball to do on your own.

A.J. Achter