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Pitchers Power Drive Helped Son’s Pitching Performance Tremendously!

Hello Brad,
I cannot wait to get the Pitchers Power Stride and the Hitters Power Drive….I’ve had your Pitchers Power Drive for almost two years now, and let me tell you it has helped my 10-year old son’s pitching performance tremendously!  I’ve watched  many coaches try to teach pitching to many young players, and a lot of them are incorrectly instructing–failing to teach the players the correct “lower half” mechanics.  It’s too bad since many kids are just basically throwing with their arms and not utilizing their lower body.

I completely see the benefits of how the Pitchers Power Stride will help, too, with pitching….as well as the Hitters Power Drive with hitting.  Again, my oldest son, is he a good hitter.  But sometimes I feel he is not properly “driving through the ball” by using his lower body properly….and I have no doubt the Hitters Power Drive will assist with this hitting correction through using your product.

Your products are amazing!  All of them are really revolutionizing the sport….THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming up with incredible “high quality” products.  Please keep doing what you are doing!

Thank you so much, again!
A Satisfied Customer to Pitchers Power Drive

Love our Softball Power Drives

Love our Softball Power Drives.  Our 12 year old pitchers and hitters are getting the most out of it and showing dramatic growth in their game. 


British Columbia

Softball Power Drive Chalk Mat is Top of Line


When my daughter rolled that mat out she was in awe! It looks really nice and top of the line. We will use it tomorrow.


Thank You for Building the Pitchers Power Drive

Hi Brad,

 It was great talking with you today. Thank you and John for building the Pitchers Power Drive, such a great product.

Mark from CA

Incredible Success with Pitchers Power Drive

Greetings Brad,

Just wanted to pass on a quick note that I have incorporated the Pitchers Power Drive into my club Baseball (largest competitive baseball organization in Oklahoma) specifically my 13U team which is nationally ranked in the top 15 in travel ball for over a year now and I have seen incredible success/feedback in my boys on helping them understand the correct feel/movement for the lower half.

As a collegiate and professional pitcher back in the 90’s I wish a tool like the Pitchers Power Drive was available to me because I am certain it would have had nothing but a positive impact on my career and learning curve.

Thanks again for such a great teaching tool.