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Power Drive Performance is Quality Organization with Quality Values and Goals

Thanks again Brad.  Appreciate all the help with Hitters Power Drive.  Your company is a quality organization with quality values and goals.  I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve taken two of the lines from your company video (the “Hard work will always take you…” and “Persistence and dedication are …”), and wrote one each in the bills of my kids’ ball caps for them to read and internalize.  Couldn’t agree with those sayings more, as they apply to all matters in life that are worth striving for, and great for character building in young ball players.  Will be in touch soon on the Pitchers Power Drive.  Thank you.


Now Understand Pitching from Driving Hips


First time my son threw of the Pitchers Power Drive it didn’t click. After showing him, he now understands what driving from the hips means.

Thanks, Jason

Most Productive Pitching Training Ever, Incredible Results

Hi Brad,

Thank you for working Charlie in on short notice this week.  I know it was a tough week for you with your staff being out ill and the new baby.  This was the most productive training Charlie’s ever had -by far.  Incredible results in just 4 hours.  More importantly, he understands the concepts required to generate power because he felt and saw the direct correlation between the drills and improved results. He is motivated to continue the drills.  I’m looking forward to getting the drills on video.  Let me know when you get the Crossover DVD’s.  Thanks again.

Regards, Tim