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Pitchers Power Drive Adds 4 MPH to Fastball

Hi Brad,

We ordered the Softball Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drive for our daughter and son. They’ve been great. My son added 4 MPH to his fastball in his last tournament of the year, touching 80MPH. I can’t imagine how he will match up with hitters this spring as an 8th grader. His delivery utilized a lot more lower half and his consistency was much better. He didn’t go beyond 2-2 in any count in has last tournament and allowed no earned runs. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me before your trip to Michigan. We will order the Hitter’s PowerDrive soon.

Regards, Jared

Training at Winning Pitchers Academy from Australia

Hi Brad

Kai and Brodie are doing well. They both said to say hi. We all had a great time in Boston , you and your staff were wonderful and extremely accommodating.

We learned a great deal from our time at your Winning Pitchers Academy and it definitely was worth our time coming over. I will keep you updated on how the boys are playing.

Regards, Theo from Australia

Great Experience at Winning Pitchers Academy


Thanks for your email. Hope to stay in contact. Maybe we can make it to return next year. Lenny tossed a no-hitter last Saturday, I think large part of the credits belong to you.

As you mentioned, would you send us the videos to the drills? This would help Lenny to improve over the next time span. 

Thank you for the great morning, we spent at your Winning Pitchers Academy.  We took home a lot.

Bernhard from Germany

P.S. My son Lenny wears your T-Shirt and cap very proudly! Being at your academy was a great experience.