Winning Pitchers Academy is Best Training Experience

My 16 year old son has worked with professional pitching coaches since he was 12 years old. Winning Pitchers Academy (WPA) is by far the best experience we have had.  His current coach suggested we try the Pitchers Power Drive (PPD).  Upon investigating the PPD, I learned it was associated with WPA.  I called and spoke to Brad at WPA and I knew I had found something special.  We traveled from Pennsylvania to Boston and spent two days at WPA.  My son immediately got it and the improvement was evident in his pitching.  The combination of the most sophisticated technology available to analyze mechanics and a simple and effective method to communicate what and how to change mechanics were the winning combination. My son’s coach is fully onboard and he is heading to Boston to spend several hours reviewing their process and technology.  I look forward to continuing a long relationship with WPA.


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