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Softball Power Drive a Tremendous Training Tool


I became aware of the Softball Power Drive early this year and did the requisite research about the device via Winning Pitcher Academy’s outstanding and informative website. The purchase was a natural for us. I bought one and an assistant bought another. I have long been a proponent of powerful leg drive and with that in mind, the Softball Power Drive is a natural. The drills which come with the device are outstanding and truly, our pitchers have improved in every phase of pitching since we implemented the regimen. They have gained speed and endurance, and are simply stronger young women. We will certainly continue to use the Softball Power Drive as our pitchers continue to mature and evolve. A tremendous training tool.

Pittsburgh, PA
28 year coach
(currently with Pittsburgh Power organization)

Pitchers Power Drive Works Great


Pitchers Power Drive works great with our youth pitchers.  Nice to show them the drills and then have them practice.  Impressed with results and players like PPD.

Don from Ohio

Pitchers Power Drive Chalk Mat has been great

The Pitchers Power Drive Chalk Mat has been great.  We’ve found it useful not only for softball but we also utilize it with some of our baseball instruction.  Our softball instructors use it daily for their pitching lessons. The step down rubber has the feel similar to what they experience on the field and the red line gives that instant feedback and reference point with every pitch.  We even have customers coming in between lessons renting cages that ask if they can use the mat to work on what they covered with their instructor.  On the baseball side we’ve incorporated it into several aspects of what we do with our camps as well as lessons.  Again, the red stripe is an easy reference point for some of our younger spring break campers when we practice throwing or pitching.  For youth pitchers (ages 9-11) we use it for flat pen work, we’ve even put it up our pitching mounds to help correct or illustrate when a player is throwing across their body.  Very simple, multifunctional teaching device!  Very happy to have it incorporated into our Academy.

Cory from Texas

Incredible Success with Pitchers Power Drive

Greetings Brad,

Just wanted to pass on a quick note that I have incorporated the Pitchers Power Drive into my club Baseball (largest competitive baseball organization in Oklahoma) specifically my 13U team which is nationally ranked in the top 15 in travel ball for over a year now and I have seen incredible success/feedback in my boys on helping them understand the correct feel/movement for the lower half.

As a collegiate and professional pitcher back in the 90’s I wish a tool like the Pitchers Power Drive was available to me because I am certain it would have had nothing but a positive impact on my career and learning curve.

Thanks again for such a great teaching tool.


Pitchers Power Drive is by Far Best Teaching Tool Ever

I’m currently an assistant coach at a High School in St. Louis, MO.  Prior to that I was the Head Coach at another High School.  I’ve also coached in college summer leagues for the past 6 summers.

I’ve started using the Power Drive in my lessons and I must say, it is by far the best teaching tool I’ve ever used.  The auditory feedback along with the kinesthetic is awesome.  I’ve already talked to our head coach and we are going to buy 2 or 3 more for our team.  Thanks again. Michael

Hitters Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drives Loved in Australia

PPD Staff,

My 13 yr old son made it to the Nationals for Jan 2014 in Australia. I purchased both the Hitters Power Drive and Pitchers Power Drive and got them sent to Australia. The coaches in 1 lesson had his back foot corrected as he would go up on his toe and pivot, leading to over compensating to get it in the catchers gloveand hurting his arm.  Also his balance was off as he leaned back but the click dobbed him in and he was corrected for that as well.  I can drive my son everywhere for games, feed him well and get him off to bed in time but the best thing regarding Baseball I have done for him was get these plates. The coaches here loved them, it finally made their job of correcting easy.



Have used the Pitchers Power Drive for the Last Few Years

Hi,  I am the GM of a Baseball/Softball training facility in Omaha, NE.  I am also a pitching instructor and have been using the Pitchers Power Drive for the last few years as one of my training tools.  I really like the product and think it is a very useful training tool.

Sean, Academy in Nebraska

Power Drives Definitely Making a Difference with the Kids We Work With


I saw on twitter you have released some new videos. I purchased pitchers power drive and hitters power drive. We love them in our facility! Definitely making a difference with the kids we work with.


Mike, Training Academy in ND

Hitters Power Drive Clinic was Fantastic

Hi Brad,

Hitters Power Drive clinic with Diamondbacks, Alan Cockrell was fantastic, learned a lot about hitting and approach.

Regards, Kevin

Pitchers Power Drive Owners Training Website

Hi Brad,

Thank you for your help with this matter.  I really appreciate it.

I will definitely use the website for info and drills.   That’s great benefit of the PPD.

Coach V