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We Have Been Using Power Drive Performance Training Aids

Thank you for the help with Pitchers Power Drive Owners web based training site.  Got logged in so our young athletes can get back to training. We have been using the power drive tools for awhile now and a lot of our players have been able to see results with their lower half drive. Great product!

Jesse from California

Winning Pitchers Academy and Power Drive Performance Training

Hi Winning Pitchers,

It must give you as much joy as it does to us parents to read the sports page in the newspaper everyday….. Doug, Sam, Owen, Nick, George, Miles, Mark, Kennedy, Jake, Brett, Ricky, and I am sure I have forgotten a few.  Everyday one of your players is in there… They write of their accomplishments.  It’s great, and Winning Pitchers Academy has played the most important, silent partner in their development.   Ricky got a chance to pitch yesterday, and he made us all proud!  On the mound he was awesome, off the mound and in the outfield, he was great.  Your training has helped Ricky to become the ball player he is.

Thank you, Laurie and Rick

Winning Pitchers Academy Knowledge and Positive Atmosphere


Please tell Tommy, Brad and Jamie that we really appreciate all they did and the outstanding training the boys received. I was so impressed not just with their knowledge but also the positive atmosphere they create for the boys.

In their first starts on opening weekend Noah and Nathan both pitched. Noah went 5 1/3 innings with no hits, one walk and 16 strike outs in 62 pitches. Nathan went 4 innings with approximately 9 strike outs and gave up only one run and was the winning pitcher. Thanks for all the great teaching!

Sincerely, Mark

Thank You For Developing Great Power Drive Training Aids

Hi Brad,

Hope all is well at Power Drive. I wanted to give you an update on my son’s and daughter’s progress. We ordered the hitter’s and pitcher’s devices for both softball and baseball. They both are hitting well. Our daughter played with a high school travel team and was the second-best hitter on the team. She was in fifth grade last year. Her hitting is a credit to your device. Our son consistently hit 86 on the radar gun at his high school tryout. It was his first time pitching off the mound since fall and his training was behind schedule due to basketball. He wasn’t throwing with his usual effort. I’m sure he’s throwing harder now, but he hasn’t been gunned since the tryout. He’s a freshman playing varsity and dominating on the mound and at the plate. Thank you for developing such great training tools!


Jared, From CA


Winning Pitchers Academy and Pitchers Power Drive Instruction


Met Brad tonight for the first time. I now understand Will’s admiration for him. Very soft spoken but surely in complete control. With one or two words or tweaks I could see improvement and confidence with nearly every pitch. #impressive


Advance Computer Analysis

Hi Brad,

I was absolutely stunned and amazed by the adjustment that you were able to make in Owen’s mechanics last night during Advance Computer Analysis and lesson.  Wow! You are the master craftsman of pitching.

Owen was so happy and he’ll be working very hard to make it stick.



Pitchers Power Drive Training

Thanks so much for the great tips, John.

The training lessons from your video are much better than lessons from my son’s private pitching coach, and I am now heavily letting my son tune his pitching mechanics purely based on your Pitchers Power Drive training lessons.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Pitchers Power Drive Owners Training Site

Thank you very much for access to the Owners Only training site.  We’ve used the training alot, my son has been our ace pitcher last 2 years since training on Pitchers Power Drive, unbelievable the feedback we get and how he looks, just wanted the login just to go back for reference. I’m head coach for 12u travel team and we purchased another Pitchers Power Drive for the team the beginning of this year. We started pitching training last week and the 2 Pitchers Power Drives are what we use. Thank you for a great product and great assistance.


“We practice like we play!”


Pitchers Power Drive is Amazing

Hello Brad, My name is Ross and back in Nov 14 my wife Emma and I purchased the Pitchers Power drive for our daughter Olivia…well…..all we can say is amazing! She’s now 10 and we practiced using the training videos a few times over a 3 week period and continue to train with PPD…The result…..Strikeouts galore! Although she is still working on her technique the foundations on the lower part of her action are surely in place….Attached is a short video of her pitching style for your scruitiny:) Take care and many thanks…she now has a BIG future in the game.’

Emma, Ross and Olivia (Baseball Pitcher) from Australia

90-91 mph and Uses Pitchers Power Drive Regularly

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to update you. Josh accepted a scholarship to attend and play baseball for the Air Force Academy. He accepted in January. He’s now a HS senior. He’s now 90-91 mph and uses the PowerDrive regularly to keep “in tune”.

Thank you again for your great product and support.